May be an image of 1 person and eyeglassesMiranda Rey has been writing fairy tales, myths, short fiction, poetry, and essays for most of her life, and a collection of her work is included here. She has recently published “The Glass Knight” in the collection Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron, and her fairy tale “The Gate and the Key” is forthcoming in an upcoming special all-fiction issue of Fiddler’s Green Zine. She is currently writing and revising her most important work, The Transformation Trilogy, a re-imagination of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, told from Ariadne’s perspective. Epic in its scope, the novels delve into the relationship of Ariadne and Theseus from the time they meet as children, through their courtship and union to their tragic end. However, this is only the beginning of her tale, for Ariadne’s quest takes her through trials that foster her growth, independence, and creativity, leading her to greater heights than she ever could have imagined. 

Miranda Rey is the pen name of Susan Redington Bobby, an associate professor of literature, who specializes in teaching fairy tales, magical realism, adolescent literature, goddess archetypes, creative writing, and the nature of reality. Under this name, she has published Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings (2009), Beyond His Dark Materials: Innocence and Experience in the Fiction of Philip Pullman (2012), and The Artemis Archetype in Popular Culture: Essays on Fiction, Film, and Television (with co-editor Dr. Eileen Harney; 2016).  Susan has also published various literary criticism essays in peer reviewed anthologies and is serving as the guest editor for the previously mentioned  all-fiction issue of Fiddler’s Green zine.

In his work “The Divided Self, and its Process of Unification”, the eminent psychologist William James wrote of the “twice-born” individual, one who metaphorically dies and is reborn. The twice-born is one who often feels he or she has lived two very different lives, often bisected by a series of moments that call for the individual to take a different path than he or she might have expected. Miranda and Susan are two sides of the same coin: representations of two sides of the same person, the same life. Each side hopes to bring her unique talents and love of storytelling to the world, with Miranda pulling the stories, like gossamer threads, from thin air, and Susan polishing the work to its sparkling shine.

Susan is available to lead writing workshops on goddess archetypes, memoir writing, fairy tales, and a variety of other subjects. If you are interested in hiring her to lead a workshop in Delaware, please email her at with the details of what you’re looking for and she will return your email as soon as possible.