Dash yourself upon the rocks

tear your skin and bleed

as you scrabble ever upward

to my hands lifted in supplication.

I reach for the skies

my fingers stretch towards the clouds

their vapor sinking

landing on your outstretched limbs

your shoulders heaving with the effort

to come to my call.

Beads of saltwater mingle with your sweat

heave yourself across the edge

fall spent at my feet

reach for my calves

pull yourself to stand.

I grasp your bloodied hands

I lick your wounds

I drink your essence

your muscles quiver

every inch of you aches for me.

I wind my fingers

through your dampened locks

I tighten my grip on the back of your neck

I pull your face to mine

your lips to my lips

feeding off your desire

I take what is mine

I am reborn

as you yield.


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