Write Your Own Myth: Empowering Yourself Through Goddess Archetypes

Have you ever been interested in mythology? What about Jungian psychology? Have the Greek goddesses ever spoken to you? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the workshop “Empowering Yourself Through Goddess Archetypes” is for you. As you journey into the labyrinth, you will learn about the 7 Greek goddess archetypes. In the stillness of the center, you will pause with a guided writing exercise that will encourage self-reflection and help you identify your most dominant archetype. On your return to the beginning of the labyrinth, you will share with one another and even engage in role-play as other goddess archetypes. After you leave the workshop, you will know how to manifest the strengths of the goddesses who will support you as you begin to write your own myth. Please bring writing materials along with any goddess-related item that has meaning to you if you so choose. This workshop will be led by Susan Redington Bobby, a writer, editor, professor, knitter, and mother of cats from Felton, DE. You can find more information about her at www.mirandarey.com.
©2019 Susan Redington Bobby

Coming soon: a private online writing workshop on goddess archetypes. This is the title and description of a workshop I presented first at a wellness studio in DE and then at my home away from home Finding Avalon. I then scheduled a second workshop at Avalon, a part two, if you will, called Goddess Writing. I’m going to be utilizing these workshop ideas, descriptions, and materials (handouts, etc.) at a few other venues to come. However, I also recognize that many people I know are not local and would like to take the workshop online. Therefore, I’m working on prepping and testing an online delivery method for the workshop. I could visualize it being done first on a one-on-one basis, and then possibly shifting it over to a class format if I bundled parts one and two (and possibly more) together. But for now, rest assured, those who are curious, that I’m already teaching this fun and revealing workshop in the area, and plans are in the works to make it accessible to others online 🙂 I’m excited to bring my research, teaching expertise, writing assistance, and passion for the subject to as many people as I can. Tying the concept of a quest into the labyrinth together with goddess archetypes is my own idea born out of years of reading, writing, and research, and I hope that my singular vision of how these concepts can work together will benefit others. ©2019 Susan Redington Bobby

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