Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron

I’d like to share with you the exciting publication of an anthology of tales to which I contributed. It’s called Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron, and it was a collaborative effort, created by the members of the Witch Lit Facebook group.

We are all indie writers who are seeking to share our stories with the world, so the group admins came up with the idea to create an anthology, and 23 different writers contributed and the admins put the book together, creating the beautiful cover, editing, organizing, and readying the book for publication. The book is a very reasonable price, just $1.26 US, and was published on the day of the Summer Solstice. 100% of the proceeds go to Books for Africa. It’s a wonderful creative endeavor, and we hope to put “Witch Lit” as a genre in readers’ minds. The stories are full of fantasy and magic and the anthology is a great read.

As for myself, I contributed a story titled “The Glass Knight.” I actually wrote this fairy tale in 2016 in my great big leather bound journal. When I say “great big”, I mean, it’s about 2 feet in height! I write some of my stories in this journal in calligraphy pens. So about 2 years ago, I lit some candles and wrote this tale. I don’t really remember writing it, but that’s typical for my stories. Then I closed the book and let it go. Flash forward to a few months back, and I thought hmmm….this might be a good story for the Witch Lit book! So I submitted it after an intense revision to make it as perfect as I could make it, and here we are! My first published fairy tale under the pen name Miranda Rey. It is a story about a knight made of glass who rides a glass horse and carries a glass spear. He encounters a magical woman on his quest who aids him. The story is about transformations, loss, and love. My inner child, whom I think of as myself at 4 or 5 years old, would have been thrilled to know that one day she would write a fairy tale and put it out there for the world to read. I hope that there are many more!

I am grateful for the work that the editors did in conceiving of and putting this book together. It’s a terrific anthology!


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